Student Centered Curriculum Design

In order to continue to innovate, lead, and personalize learning for all students, our District has developed a 5-Year Curriculum Review Process that includes the Understanding by Design 2.0 Curriculum Framework as the basis for all curriculum.

Our belief is that focused, high quality curriculum and the process by which this is developed can help to systemically transform curriculum, instruction, assessments and programming across a district.  We have worked to make this process...

  • ...meaningful - by focusing on the 3 Types of Long Term Transfer (Content, Hard Skill, Thematic/Soft Skill) that should guide our work,

  • ...collaborative - by engaging our teachers, prior to actually writing, in a 2 year research and development process that includes all stakeholders,

  • ...student centered - by putting a strong focus on Acquisition Skills framed as SWBAT (Student will be able to...) statements, and

  • ...relevant - by building our curriculum within the Google Suite and establishing processes to regularly revisit, update, and keep current so that our curriculum remains a living, breathing document.

Layout of GVSD Google Folders & Modules

There is a specific format for each stage of the Course Development process.  The full naming framework can be found in the Curriculum Formatting Guide.  A 'quick look' at the FULL  formatting is below. If you are only doing UbD2.0, you will only need to follow up to that stage.  If you are doing OER, you will consider the full format.

Main Course Folder: 20xx-20xx_Department_Course Name or Grade Level  

    • Standards & Goals Document: Standards & Goals Title of Course (Grade if applicable)

    • Acquisition Skills Document: Acquisition Skills Title of Course (Grade if applicable)

    • Planned Course Cover Sheet Document: Planned Course Cover Sheet Title of Course

    • Unit Folder: Department_Course_Unit #-_Name/Focus/Topic

      • UbD2.0 Document: Department UbD2.0 Title of Course Unit #: TITLE OF UNIT

      • OER Module Folder: Department_Course_Unit#-_Module #- Type of Resource-_Title of Resource

        • 4 Types of Resources:

          • Module Flowchart

          • Transition

          • Resource

          • Assessment

Sample Layout of GVSD Google Folders & Modules is Below...

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 7.45.13 PM.png