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About L.E.A.P.

Since October 2013, a group called LEAP (LEAP is a derived from adding the P for professional learning to the existing letters in LEA) has been meeting monthly with the purpose of formulating a vision and a plan for professional learning in the district. The Committee is comprised of curriculum coordinators from each building, building and district administrators, and parents.


Mission Statement

LEAP is a community of diverse Garnet Valley stakeholders invested in developing purposeful, differentiated, professional learning to enhance educator effectiveness.

Vision Statement

Inspiring Garnet Valley educators to continually engage in meaningful, innovative professional growth.


We began by framing our work using Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning*. Outcomes of the work of this committee include:

  • identifying what is working and what is not working with our current model of professional learning, the time that is available for professional learning and the different structures we might want to offer.

  • developing ways to differentiate and provide choice when possible for professional learning sessions.

  • continuing to use and refine a Professional Learning feedback form in order to adhere to our norm for continuous improvement.

  • gathering staff input into the topics offered for our session.

  • providing training and discussion around how we learn best as adults and creating norms for professional learning.

*Learning Forward Quick Reference Guide

L.E.A.P. Resources

Please click the following link to a folder containing notes, feedback, etc...from our LEAP Committee Meetings.

  • Please click the following link to our Professional Learning Interest Form. Please use the following form to suggest topics that you are interested in for potential Professional Learning opportunities.

  • Please click the following link to the GVSD LEAP Professional Learning Feedback Form. This will create a copy of the master template that you can edit/modify for your own needs. Typically the District will send this out, however if you are running building based PD you can use this to garner feedback.

L.E.A.P. Resources

Facilitator Resources

A facilitator is a person who facilitates collaborative conversations or work around a topic of interest to the grade level or department. The focus of the session may not necessarily be new learning, and little to no preparation is involved.

Presenter Resources

A presenter is a person who plans and delivers a professional learning session in which new knowledge or information around a topic of interest to the grade level or department is shared.