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Nearpod 101: An Introduction to Nearpod

Room #: GVHS B 127

Emily LaFantano (District Strategy Consultant at Nearpod)

This workshop is designed for anyone who is brand new to Nearpod and wants to get started using Nearpod in their classrooms! Participants will experience all the interactive features, explore the Nearpod Lesson Library, learn how to launch both Live and Nearpod Student Paced lessons, and how to access post session reports. In this session, participants will also explore supplemental packages such as: Nearpod EL, Historical Perspectives and Literacy, College and Career Exploration, Digital Citizenship and Literacy and Social and Emotional Learning. Also, get a sneak peek of what is coming for back to school 2019!

About the Nearpod Presenter:

Emily LaFantano is a District Strategy Consultant at Nearpod. Emily is a dedicated educator passionate about using educational technology and 21st-century learning to enhance student achievement. She is a former teacher who loves to learn innovating ways to use technology in the classroom and loves to listen to new ideas!

My Learning Plan

Session #2 (10:00 am to 11:50 am)