Pick Your Own Device


PYOD Program Information

The Garnet Valley School District recognizes the importance of providing a technology‐rich learning environment to prepare its students for maximum success as they continue their education or enter the workforce. Our PYOD (Pick Your Own Device) program is an important step in the process to take our students to the next level of achievement.

Guidelines & Expectations

Students will receive their device using the device distribution schedule. Students and parents/legal guardians should review School Board Policies No. 220, 224, 814, 815 to become familiar with expectations for use.The district retains ownership of both device and installed software.

Fees & Insurance Information

Garnet Valley School District is self-insuring all devices. The fee to lease the device for the 2019-2020 school year will be $50.00 per student, per device with a $50 deductible for damage and a $150 deductible for theft or loss; $50 deductible for the charger. The deductible is charged for each incident and is in addition to the leasing fee.